Welcome to PowerKam

1.What can we do if the device is damaged?

     Normally it is the controller which will possibly have problem, if it doesn't work, you can:

  • Send it back to us for free repair, necessory replacement part will be charged at cost price only.
  • Buy a replacement internal pcb to replace the bad one at special cost from us but you need to make sure you have enough skills to do so.
  • Buy a new controller at special offer for old customer.

2. Can we return the item if i don't like it?

  •  yes, you can return it to us if you don't like it, but please keep it in good condition and we can resell it, but you need to cover all relative costs to send it back, including shipping cost, tax into CHINA.

3. Can we use longer extension cable?

  •       yes, we provide 10m extension cable for each head, if you need longer cable, please tell us and check additional cost for it.

4. Can we replace the gear if it is damaged?

  •      yes, you can buy a new one to replace it, Tilt,Roll axises are simple to replace, but Pan is a little complicated, anyway we will help you to do so with necessory tool and parts.

5. Can we add slip rings into the axises?

  •     yes, you can add 2 slip rings into 2-axis head or 3-axis head, you can not add slip ring into roll axis for 3-axis head. we can do that for you if needed before buying it

6. Can you send the item by post mail service?

  •        We prefer DHL or FEDEX or TNT express service to ship our products because it is safe and fast. and our product is too heavy for post mail service and it is not safe.